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Lantian's charcoal briquette making machine is efficient and produces excellent quality

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In recent years, China's charcoal industry has developed at a relatively fast pace, and the development of the charcoal industry in domestic and international markets is very promising. Although the growth rate of the charcoal industry has slowed down slightly in the past two years due to the financial crisis, with the rapid development of China's national economy and the gradual decline of the international financial crisis, China's charcoal industry has regained a good development opportunity because it is compared with coal. Charcoal is more clean and flame resistant, and is more suitable for a society that is facing environmental pollution and lack of resources.

charcoal briquette making machine

Lantian's charcoal making machine is recognized by many customers because our machines are of high quality and practicality. The production of each machine is precisely designed and used, and the machine is used in charcoal production. The raw materials are carbonized crop waste and branches, which not only rationally apply resources, but also avoid environmental pollution caused by improper handling of garbage. The produced soot is strong and flame resistant, and there is no smoke generated when burning.

charcoal briquette making machine

Our charcoal briquette making machine is unique in shape and easy to install. The machine itself has two round gears, which use strong pressure to pressurize the coal powder when the machine starts. The machine's production efficiency is greatly improved compared to the improvement. And when the machine is in production, there is no dust throwing and noise pollution, which gives you a good production environment. The machine has various model sizes and production models for you to choose according to your own needs, or you can choose according to your preference. You design your own logo. If you need charcoal briquette making machine welcome message to us.

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